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Sewer Pump Station No. 2 Gate Valve Replacement

On Thursday, August 21 and Friday, August 22, PUCI’s contractor Briant Construction replaced two gate valves at PUCI’s Sewer Pump Station No. 2 (SPS 2) off the cul de sac of Albert Road in Princeville Unit II.  The work was necessitated by the failure of one of the two gate valves in the station to function properly, so Briant was hired to replace both valves.

Because of the location of the valves, their replacement required taking the station out of service, so a temporary pumping set up was required to keep the wastewater flowing in the right direction.  Briant set up a trailer-mounted temporary pump adjacent to SPS 2 which lifted the wastewater to a trailer tanker parked at the cul de sac.  From there, two tanker trucks were kept busy taking wastewater from the trailer and hauling it to the nearest sewer manhole on Kaweonui Road from which the wastewater could continue to flow on its merry way by gravity.

Though the project took longer than expected due to stubborn bolts and cramped working quarters, the work was successfully completed, and the new gate valves help to ensure continued proper operation of the station.  Thanks to Briant Construction for a job well done.


Hoisting an old check valve out.


Prepping a new gate valve for installation.


Out with the old . . .


. . . and in with the new.


Left to right: Temporary pump; Sewer Pump Station 2; Emergency Generator


Tanker truck off-loading from the tanker trailer stationed at the cul de sac.