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Pressure Regulating Valve Stations Get Overhaul

On June 4 and 5 of 2008, PUCI’s contractor, Briant Construction, replaced all the pressure regulating valves and much of the piping and appurtenances in its two pressure regulating valve (PRV) stations.

The purpose of these two stations is to maintain as much as possible a reasonable operating pressure within the water system.  As the elevation below our water storage reservoirs increases, so does the water system pressure in our water distribution mains.  The PRV stations serve to reduce the system pressure back down to a reasonable level in order that system pressure does not get too high.  The water pressure in the distribution system again increases from that established at the PRV stations as the elevation drop below the PRV stations increases.

We hope that our customers were not considerably inconvenienced by any pressure variations experienced during this project.  Thanks to the new equipment, water pressure in the system should now be maintained at a more even, desirable range.


Briant Construction’s crane lowers the 12” PRV into the pressure regulating valve station vault


Briant Construction’s crew guides into place and installs the new 12” PRV.