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WOW ... we no longer live inside a Post Office Box !!!!!

This is the BEST thing EVER !!! Don't get us wrong ... we love our new office at the Princeville Airport and we've enjoyed the two years we've been here ... cause iit's so much better than the basement of any building ... even the beautiful Prince Clubhouse. But having mail delivery is WONDERFUL. It makes everything so simple. Mail goes out ... mail comes in ... just like magic!

Thanks to all our customers for your patience during our struggle to get the correct address from the USPS. That took longer than we expected and I must admit that we sent out some confusing signals. Thanks for hanging in there!

For those of you who use your bank's bill-pay service ... please make sure that you update our mailing address in your list of payees. The USPS will continue to forward our mail for a few months ... but after that your payments will be returned to you marked "undeliverable". We sure don't want that to happen!

For those of you who have used our drop boxes in the past ... I hope you've found our new fancy one here at the airport. It's very convenient to the parking lot ... right by the sidewalk ... where "the concrete meets the asphalt". You can't miss it. It's safe and secure and just waiting for you to drop your payment in the little slot. Just pull down on the "front door" of the box and you'll see the slot at the top. The old drop boxes ... Shopping Center and Prince Clubhouse ... are closed for good. We now have only this new one.

If you have any questions about our new set-up please call us ... or come by and visit to see what we've got.